We welcome you to the Faculty of Science at An-Najah National University, where it comprises four main disciplines: Life Sciences, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. The Faculty of Science has 13 sub-specialties in different departments, allowing students the freedom of choice based on their desire as well as the need of the labor market.

The Faculty of Science has excelled in its outstanding scientific research activities, winning numerous scientific awards in the field of scientific publishing. It includes many distinguished scientific and world-renowned professors, thus contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and knowledge at the local and international levels.

The Faculty of Science also highlights the student activities in terms of participation in many extracurricular activities through student associations and clubs. That is presenting bright models of teamwork, volunteering and community work, which contribute to the development of their capabilities and improving their personalities.

Finally, we invite you to visit the pages of our website of the Deanship (https://sci.najah.edu) to learn more about the specializations and activities of the college, and follow up the latest news. Wish you a useful and knowledgeable surfing
With respect,,,
Dr. Raed Alkowni
Dean of the Faculty of Science