November 12   

November 13
November 14
November 15
November 16
8:45 – 9:30 Registration Introduction to Cosmology (1) Particle Physics (5) Detectors For HEP (3) Particle Physics (9)
Particle Physics (3)
strong interaction
Introduction to Cosmology (2) Particle Physics (7) Introduction to Cosmology (3)
10:15-10:45 Coffee Break Coffee Break  Coffee Break  Coffee Break
10:45-11:30 Detectors For HEP (1) Detectors For HEP (2) Particle Physics (8) Particle Physics (10)
11:30-12:15 Particle Physics (1)
Particle Physics (4) Particle Physics (6) Excursion to Anabta    Detectors For HEP (4)
12:15-13:00 Particle Physics (2)
weak interaction
 Discussion Session CERN Seminar  Excursion to Anabta L18 Jobs and oppurtunities
13:00 14:30 Lunch Time Lunch Time Lunch Time

Excursion to Anabta

Lunch Time

Closing Ceremony
14:30 16:00 Discussion Session  Discussion Session  Discussion Session  Excursion to Anabta  Departure to Bethlahem
16:30 18:00                                                                                         Public Event in Anabta  Free time in Bethlahem
18:00 20:00                                                                                                                    Dinner in Anabta                      Dinner at Bethlahem


During the school, three public seminars will be held. It will be open to any student/person interested in the topic. The topics of the seminars are carefully selected, the seminars will discuss hot subjects in physics and the most recent achievements in the last few years in addition to seminar about chances and jobs at CERN.

  • Rolf Heuer         
  • Patrick Fassnacht         
  • Achille Stocchi

WISHEPP II hosts a special Public event to highlight interesting topics in physics that are presented in simple and philosophical manner. The event is open to the general public including families, students, teachers and even non-scientists and features distinguished international physicists as presenters. During this event, curios topics that challenge the imaginations of the audience with concepts like relativity and particle physics and led to great discoveries are discussed.In cooperation with Anabta Muncipality, this event will also be held in Anabta-Tulkarem..

The school will organize visits to Bethlehem and the old city of Nablus.



During the school time: A visit to Bethlehem also is planned.

Specialized Seminars for High Schools students will be presented. In addition to Workshop, where the students will carry out an experiment  in physics, then analyze the results and have a close discussion with specialized international and local professors. The seminar will discuss recent discoveries and achievements in physics. Invited students from Northern cities of West Bank and Jerusalem.



November 12  


November 13


      November  14     

13:00-13:30   Welcome and reception    Arrivals from AlQuds Schools  Arrivals
  • Seminar about « Adventure of High Energy Physics » by an International Professor: The language can be in: English or French or Arabic (based on what the students preference)
  • Workshop and Discussion session: The students will carry out an experiment and analyse the results
  • Break for 15 min
  • Seminar by SAPA Association (SAPA is Student Association for Physics and Astronomy)     
15:30-16:20   Guided tour visit inside the university: Labs: Chemistry and Physics, Media center: AnNajah Broadcasting Channel and Radio station and the Libraries  
16:30 ———————–     Departure      ———————–