• Kherieh Rassas (Advisor to the Prime Minister for International Affairs)
  • Rolf Heuer (DPG, Germany)
  • Annick Suzor-Weiner  (U-PSUD, France)
  • Peter Jenni (Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg, Germany and CERN, Switzerland)
  • Sami Al Jaber (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • Ursula Bassler (IN2P3/CNRS, France)
  • Hervé Sabourin (AUF, Beirut)
  • Étienne Augé (U-PSUD, France)
  • Khaled Toukan (SESAME, Jordan)
  • Patrick Fassnacht (CERN, Switzerland)
  • Nawal Ben Zemouri (French Consulate, Jerusalem)

Achille Stocchi is a researcher in particle physics at LAL (Linear Accelerator Laboratory) on the Orsay Campus. He worked on several high energy experiments at CERN (Switzerland) at SLAC (USA) and LNF-Frascati (Italy), leading working groups and having managerial positions in the experiments. He signed the papers of DELPHI, BaBar, SuperB and UA9 experiments (over 700) and about fifty research papers or individual or on small group on detectors, data analysis and phenomenology (founding also the UTFit Collaboration)
He created the biannual Workshop CKM in 2002,  co-created the TESHEP annual school in 2007 and co-created the WISHEPP annual school in Palestine wth collaboration with An-Najah National University.

Marie-Hélène Schune is a researcher at Laboratoire de l’Accélérateur Linéaire in Orsay, France (Univ. Paris-Sud CNRS/IN2P3, Université Paris-Saclay). She obtained his PhD on the Delphi experiment at CERN from Paris-Sud university in 1990. She is curently working in the LHCb experiment at CERN. Her expertise on particle physics and specially on heavy flavours physics has been acquired through the participation in various major experiments: ALEPH and Delphi CERN on the LEP machine, BaBar at SLAC and LHCb at CERN on the LHC collider. Her main achievements are precise measurements of the Bs meson properties, first measurements of CP violation in the B-meson sector, and search for New Physics in rare B decays.
In parallel to her research, she has been active in teaching Particle Physics at the Master-2 level and was responsible of the Master-2 NPAC, a joint program of the Paris universities.

After a Ph.D. thesis in hadronic physics (COMPASS experiment at CERN), Florent Robinet joined the Laboratoire de l’Accélérateur Linéaire in Orsay, France (Univ. Paris-Sud CNRS/IN2P3, Université Paris-Saclay) in 2009, first as a post-doc then as a CNRS physicist.  Florent Robinet is working on gravitation and cosmology and is an active member of the Virgo collaboration. He is mostly involved in data analysis work, searching for gravitational waves produced by hypothetical objects called cosmic strings. He is also developing new search methods to better separate un-modelled transient signals from noise in the LIGO-Virgo data. Another important aspect of Florent Robinet’s work is about characterizing the noise of the Advanced Virgo detector: he is coordinating the Virgo detector characterization group and developing analysis tools to detect and characterize noise transients in the detector. Since 2017, Florent Robinet joined the SVOM consortium and designs the MXT X-ray telescope which will equipped the SVOM satellite. He is responsible for the development of the on-board scientific software used to locate gamma-ray bursts.

Giacomo Graziani is a researcher in experimental particle physics at INFN, Sezione di Firenze (Italy) since 2004. He obtained a PhD in Physics at the Università di Firenze in 2000, and was granted a Marie-Curie individual fellowship at LAL (Orsay, France) in 2001-2003. He is currently team leader of the Firenze LHCb group, and has been recently convenor of the Ion Physics and Fixed Target working group of the collaboration, pioneering physics with fixed targets using LHC beams. His fields of expertise, acquired through his contributions to major experiments (NOMAD, NA48, ATLAS, BaBar, LHCb, ELI-NP), include flavour physics, data analysis, calorimetry and muon detectors. He served for several years as adjunct professor at the Università di Firenze, teaching data analysis techniques to students in Mathematics.

David Rousseau is senior scientist at Laboratoire de l’Accélérateur Linéaire in Orsay, France (Univ. Paris-Sud CNRS/IN2P3, Université Paris-Saclay). He obtained his PhD on ALEPH from Université Aix Marseille in 1992, then joined ATLAS in 1997. He was involved in many software developments and coordinated the ATLAS offline software developments in 2011-2012. Meanwhile, he was also involved in Higgs boson physics. Then he turned to Machine Learning, organizing the Higgs ML challenge in 2014, and now the tracking ML challenge, both on the Kaggle platform. He is co-coordinator of the ATLAS ML forum.

Frédéric Machefert is a researcher in HEP and belogns to LAL LHCB experiments ince years, He is lecturing in many masters and internatioanl school, supervises many thesis and PhD

Mohammad El-Amleh (Coordinator) (Vice president for academic affaires)
Ali Abdalhamid Dean of Graduate Studies
Maen Ishtaiwi Dean of Science Faculty
Naji Qatanani Dean of Scientific Research
Achille Stochhi Co-Chair of WISHEPP
Ahmed Bassalat The Chair of WISHEPP
  • Hadil Abualrob - (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • Marie-Hélène Schune - (CNRS/LAL/U-PSUD, France)
  • Muna HajjYahya - (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • David Rousseau - (CNRS/LAL/U-PSUD, France)
  • Florent Robinet - (CNRS/LAL/U-PSUD, France)
  • Frédéric Machefert - (CNRS/LAL/U-PSUD, France)
  • Giacomo Graziani - (INFN Firenze, Italy)
  • Issam Ashqar - (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • Maen Ishtaiwi - (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • Mohammad AbuJafar - (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • Muneer Abdoh - (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • Sharif Musameh - (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • Achille Stocchi - (CNRS/LAL/U-PSUD, France)
  • Ahmed Bassalat - (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • Hadil Abualrob - (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • Muna HajjYahya - (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • Wafa Khater -  (BirZeit U, Palestine)
  • Amal Al-Kahlout - (Al-Azhar U, Palestine)
  • Jamal Ghabboun -  (Bethlahem U, Palestine)
  • Sawsan AbuSharekh - (AlQuds U, Palestine)
  • Abdallah Sayyed Ahmad - (BirZeit U, Palestine)
  • Abed AlKarim Sahmoud - (Al-Aqsa U, Palestine)
  • Hussein Shannak - (Palestine Technical U, Palestine)
  • Jihad Asad - (Palestine Technical U, Palestine)
  • Mohammad Abu Samrah -  (Arab American U,Palestine)
  • Moayyad Abu Saa -  (Arab American U,Palestine)
  • Samy Shaath - (Islamic University – Gaza, Palestine)
  • Ahmed Bassalat -  (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • Muna HajjYahya - (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • Robert Hyndryx -  (USA)
  • Mohammad Bahjat -  (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • Ishtiaq Hijaz -  (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • Hadil Abualrob - (An-Najah U, Palestine)
  • Catherine Bourge - CNRS/LAL/UPSUD, France
  • Nisreen Hamadaneh - An-Najah U, Palestine
  • Abeer Arafat - An-Najah U, Palestine
  • Mohammed Morshed - An-Najah U, Palestine
  • Mohammad Joudallah - An-Najah U, Palestine