On Monday March 14 three prominent mathematicians visited An-Najah National University: Prof. Etienne Ghs, Prof. Cedric Villani and Prof. Edriss Titi. The visit was arranged by Prof. Sami AL-Jaber from department of physics. The guests met university president Prof. Rami Hamdalla in his office who briefed them about the scientific activities on campus and the university priorities in establishing scientific cooperation with other universities and scientific centers. Prof. Hamdalla has also pointed out the scholarships that are allocated in different departments per year. The guests were impressed by the great progress and the advancement made by the university and expressed their will to help in their fields. The guests also hold a meeting with the dean of Science Dr. Suleiman AL-Khalil. The meeting was attended by chairman of Math department Dr. Mohammad Abu Eideh, Math faculty Prof. Naji Qatnani and Physics faculy Prof. Sami AL-Jaber. The dean expressed the need for math faculties and the recent steps that had been taken in that regard. Prof. Titi emphasized that great and highly motivated students who graduates from Math department  will have very high chance to get scholarships for graduate studies in the United States if they have the required TOEFL and GRE.

Two seminars in applied mathematics were given by Prof. Etienne Ghs and Prof. Cedric Villani who were attended by math and physics faculties and students.

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