Welcome Message

We welcome you to the Faculty of Science at An-Najah National University, where the College of Science includes four major disciplines: Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. Thus, it includes 13 sub-specialties in the different departments, allowing the student the freedom to choose in accordance with his desires as well as the needs of the labor market.
The Faculty of Science has been distinguished by its remarkable activities in the field of scientific research, to win many scientific awards in the field of scientific publishing. It includes many distinguished and internationally renowned professors, thus contributing to the dissemination of science and knowledge at the local and global levels.

The Faculty of Science also stands out in student activities in terms of participating in many extracurricular activities through student associations and clubs, thus providing bright models of teamwork, voluntary, and community work, which contributes to developing their capabilities and refining their personalities while they achieve the mission and vision of the university in serving the country and the citizen.

Finally, we invite you to browse our college's electronic pages on the Deanship's website (https://sci.najah.edu ) to learn more about the college's specializations and activities, and to follow up on the latest developments and news. We wish you benefit and knowledge.