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The Department of Biological Sciences was established in 1977. It offers undergraduates a practical knowledge of living matter at the cellular organism and population levels.  Fundamental subjects such as cell biology, genetics, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, and ecology are supplemented by a wide variety of elective topics, which will prepare students for future careers in teaching, research, and for applied work in industry, agriculture and public health.

In addition, the Biology Department offers a B.Sc. biotechnology program as a minor specialty. In this program, students learn basic and applied biotechnology techniques including techniques in molecular biology, bioinformatics, genetic engineering, enzyme and protein production, and industrial production of pharmaceutical products. This program is very beneficial as it prepares students to apply different biotechnology techniques in medicine, agriculture, immunology, pharmacy and elsewhere.

Besides offering B.Sc. degrees in biology and biotechnology, the Biology Department offers a M.Sc. degree with the instruction and guidance of highly qualified faculty and staff.