Professor Ghassan Saffarini, Dean of the Faculty of Science and staff member at the Department of Physics at An-Najah is also a researcher whose research mainly tackled condensed matter physics and radiation physics. Most of his research was published in international scientific journals with good impact factor.

In 1977, Prof. Saffarini obtained his BSc in Physics from the University of Jordan and got his M.Sc in Physics from the Victoria University of  Manchester in 1980. He also obtained his PhD in condensed matter physics from Brunel University London.

In 1997, he became an associate professor and a full professor in 2003.


From 1999-2001, Prof. Saffarini was a member of the UNESCO SESAME’s scientific committee, Amman, Jordan and was a member of New York Academy of Science. He was also a Senior Associate of the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, 2002-2009 in Italy.


Prof. Saffarini obtained several awards some of which are the distinguished professor award from An-Najah National University (2015); the distinguished scholar award from the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, Kuwait (2005-2006); the Islamic Bank award in physics and chemistry, Participant (2005) and a German government (DAAD) research fellowship, Saarbrucken University, Germany (2002).

Research and Citation

Prof. Saffarini has published almost 44 research papers; 37 of which were published by international publishing houses accredited by Scopus and 18 by Thompson Reuters database. He also has 315 citations on Scopus and 402 on Google Scholar.

Distinguished Research

Prof. Saffarini’s research addressed issues related to the Palestinian community, some of which are the “Exposure Assessment of Radon in the Drinking Water Supplies: A Descriptive Study in Palestine”; “Evaluation of U238 and Th232 Radionuclide Activities in Kidney Gallstone Belonging to Cancer Patient Compared with Normal One by ɣ-Ray Spectrometry and EDS” AND “The Effect of Infrared Laser on the Activation Energy of CR-39 Polymeric Detector”.

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