An-Najah National University, recently offered a two-credit-hour free ‎course titled: "Risk Assessment and Management" for the second ‎semester for the academic year 2019-2020.‎

The course aims to develop students' knowledge and skills in risk ‎assessment and management to deal with natural and unnatural ‎disasters.‎

It includes the application of accident theories in the analysis of ‎accident causation, accident investigation techniques, inspections and ‎audits, and practical approaches to risk assessment and management, ‎including disaster and emergency planning.‎

The course also covers several topics most important are: the ‎importance and role of national and international legislation in risk ‎management, and the relationship between sustainable development ‎and disaster risk management.‎

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to ‎examine features of risk/safety management systems, use a case study ‎approach to accident investigation and reporting, and design and ‎implement a disaster management plan as well as examine various ‎approaches to safety auditing, to be able to make appropriate choices.‎

Throughout the course, examples of natural and unnatural disasters ‎are drawn from the world, enabling students to consolidate theoretical ‎and practical knowledge of risk assessment and management.‎

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