Student Manar Musleh from the MSc physics programme at An-Najah National University has recently completed the CERN Summer School in Geneva, Switzerland.

The scholarship was over two months and was within the frame of strengthening academic relations between CERN, the world-wide universities and the Palestinian universities.


Student Musleh participated in a research group and attended a number of lectures and workshops on different physics topics.

Dr. Ahmed Bassalat, staff member at the Physics Department said: "Student Musleh is not only an MSc physics student, she is also a physics teacher at one of Salfit's schools. The scholarship allows us to introduce the school students to CERN's activities, training programmes and scientific experiments. This can be achieved through on-site visits, workshops and scientific lectures held in cooperation with the Physics Department at An-Najah."

It is worth mentioning that An-Najah is one of few Arab universities that has connection with ATLAS experiment in CERN.

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