In 2016, An-Najah National University in cooperation with LAL from Paris Sud 11 University launched the activities of the First Winter School of ‎High Energy Physics in Palestine (WISHEPP I). The inauguration ceremony included a series of scientific and entertaining activities and was attended by a large number of participants from Palestinian universities, schools and institutions.

The first winter school increased the awareness of physics not only on the university level but also on the community level. This encouraged the Department of Physics at An-Najah to organize the Second Winter School of High Energy Physics in Palestine (WISHEPP II). The department announced that the inauguration ceremony of the second winter school will be on Sunday, November 11th, 2017.

The school resulted in a number of achievements most important of which was offering several scholarships for both BSc and MSc An-Najah physics students. The scholarships were as follows:

The Completion of Master's Thesis Scholarship for students Hend Shahed and Tasnim Abdallah for five months at LAL labs in France

A three-month scientific visit to LAL labs for the BSc students Manar Amer and Shaymaa Hussein

The Summer School Scholarship for the MSc student Thara' Turk and the BSc student Basheer Kalbouneh in Slovenia for 12 days

Other scholarships such as the CERN Summer School for student Manar Mosleh, the five-month MSc thesis scholarship to SESAME Institute in Jordan for student Amal Atari and a five-month scientific visit to SESAME Institute for the MSc student Hend Shahed.

The school also introduced a large number of school students to different physics disciplines which encouraged them to enroll in An-Najah's physics programme.

Moreover, the school lead to renewing the cooperation between An-Najah and Paris Sud 11 in different academic fields and strengthening the partnership between Palestine and CERN.

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