On July 26th 2010, Professor Sami Al-Jaber from the Department of Physics at the University has been selected as the recipient of the PFDP Teaching Excellence Award for the year 2010. Professor Al-Jaber was a professor of Theoretical Physics and the Dean of Graduate Studies between 2002-2004 at An-Najah, Dean of the Faculty of Science (2004-2007) and Dean of Scientific Research between 2007-2009. He was also granted An-Najah Research Award in 2007. He obtained a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois, USA in august 1991.

 Professor Al-Jaber is an active researcher whose research addresses a variety of fields including: N-Dimensional problems in physics, Mathematical Physics, Foundations of quantum mechanics, and Confined quantum systems. He has also published many books and articles including: S. M. Al-Jaber (2008), Degenerate Electron Gas and Star Stabilization in D Dimensions, Nuovo cimento, Fermi gas in D – dimensional space, the second derivative of a delta – function potential: An exactly solvable model, Energy consideration from non-equilibrium to equilibrium state in the process of charging a capacitor and others.

 His contribution to science did not stop at research work, he also participated in various local and international conferences and workshops such as the APS March Annual Meeting, St Louis in the United States 1990, Seventh Petra School in Physics, University of Jordan, Jordan, 2000, Electrostatic Conference 2007, Oxford, U.K, Second Physics Conference, An-Najah National University 2007, Condensed Matter Workshop, International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy, 1994.

 The award will be presented to Prof. AL-Jaber during the academic colloquium gala dinner at 7:00 PM on Saturday July 31 at Grand Park Hotel in Ramallah. The Teaching Excellence Award is supported by the Palestinian Faculty Development Program (PFDP) which is sponsored by AMIDEAST. The award is given to Prof. AL-Jaber for his outstanding achievements in teaching, his superior commitment to teaching and his effective teaching philosophy.

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