A group from International Center of Theoretical Physics (ICTP) headed by Dr. Kate Shaw visited department of physics/College of science on Saturday, March 31. Dr. Kate Shaw who is a high energy particle physicist was invited along with her group (Mr. Ahmad Basalat, Mr. Mohammad ALhroop and Mr. Shrif Ghithan) by Prof. Sami AL-Jaber (Dean of Scientific Research).

During the visit, a Particle Physics Masterclass for the whole day was given by the group starting at 9:00 – 5:00. In this workshop, 25 physics students participate in the program. The presentations in the workshop were:

Introduction to Particle Physics, Particle Accelerators and the LHC, Discovering Physics in Hadron Collisions with ATLAS, Introduction to LHC Hands on session, Presentations of Results and Discussion, Careers and opportunities in Physics Research. Faculty attendees to the workshop include Prof. Sami AL-Jaber, Dr. Suleiman AL-Khalil (Dean of Sciences), Prof. Issam Rashid and Dr. Khalid Ilawi.

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