On Thursday, May 24 – Prof. Joel Lebowitz from Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA visited the department of physics in college of science. He was invited and received by Prof. Sami AL-Jaber (Dean of Scientific Research) and his visit was facilitated by the office of deputy president for international relations. Prof. Lebowitz delivered a seminar on Time Evolution and Stationary States of Multi-particle Systems. The seminar was attended by faculties from physics and mathematics and the dean of sciences. Before the seminar, Prof. Sami AL-Jaber and Prof. Naji Qatanani had a fruitful discussion with the guest about a possible cooperation between An-Najah University and Rutgers University for a joint Ph.D in Mathematics. The discussion extended after the seminar with the participation of the dean sciences (Dr. Suleiman AL-Khalil).


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