On Monday, April 13, 2015, An-Najah honored four teaching staff members for winning the 2014 Excellence in Research Award. The winners are Professors Ismael Warrad and Dr. Shehdeh Jodeh from the Department of Chemistry; and Mr. Waleed Sweikeh and Dr. Sa'ed Zayoud from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. 

Professor Maher Natsheh, Acting President of An-Najah National University congratulated the winning teaching staff and commended their efforts in developing research. He also added that this is a huge step to encourage scientific research at the university.  

Professor Sweileh said that the above mentioned award is offered to the researcher who publishes at least five research articles before being nominated, with three being in the ISI magazine. In addition to that, the researcher must be one of the main authors of these three research articles.



-          Professor Waleed Sweileh, Dean of the Research Center Dr. Mohammad El-Amleh, Vice President of the Academic Affairs, and Dr. Sabri Naser, Dean of the Faculty of Science formed the committee who nominated the winners.

-          The winners were nominated according to credit standards set by the committee.

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