Since the beginning of 2016, Professor Shehdeh Jodeh from the Chemistry Department at An-Najah has published over 20 research papers by international publishing houses. The papers mainly tackle the subject of Corrosion

Statistics show that distinct professors in Arab university usually publish 2-3 papers per year and that it takes s team of 5 to publish 10 papers, which is why Professor Jodeh’s achievement is considered quite remarkable.

Professor Jodeh has also applied for the Distinguished Professor Award after only one month of receiving his Full Professor Title.


Achievements and Awards

Professor Joudeh obtained several national and international awards some of which are the Hisham Hijjawi Prize, the Best Scientific Achievement Award, the Distinguished Research Award and the Impact Factor Award. He also supervised 52 MSc theses and is an external supervisor in prominent international publishing houses and member at international publishing bodies.
Moreover, he participated in Singapore’s International Conference on Water Desalination in addition to other 64 international conferences.

About Professor Jodeh

Prof. Jodeh obtained his BA in Chemistry from Al-Yarmouk University, Jordan in 1983 and his MA from the University of Houston, USA in 1985. He also obtained a BSc in Chemical Engineering from University of Mississippi, USA in 1987. In 1991, he obtained his PhD in Physical Chemistry from Wayne State University, USA.

In 1992, he obtained a Post Doctorate Degree from the Los Alamos National Laboratory and was a research scientist at the multinational General Motors Corporation during the years 1993-2004.

In 2004, he became a staff member at the Faculty of Science at An-Najah National University, Palestine.

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