Dr. Ahmed Bassalat, staff member at An-Najah University's Physics Department, ‎recently participated in the Third International Meeting for Science in Palestine which ‎was organized by Scientists for Palestine (S4P) at the Boston-based Massachusetts ‎Institute of Technology (MIT).‎

The international conference focused on different topics most important are the ‎consolidation of Palestinian technology and innovation and biomedical research in ‎Palestine. It aimed to discuss scientific challenges and successes under Israeli military ‎rule of the occupied territories and to provide opportunities for collaboration between ‎Palestinian and international scientists.‎

The meeting included international and Palestinian scientists from different fields, ‎including computer science, physics, mathematics and medicine.‎

During the conference, Dr. Bassalat talked about An-Najah University as the largest and ‎most prestigious university in Palestine and referred to the University's most significant ‎achievements. He also talked about the accomplishments of An-Najah's Physics ‎Department through the Winter School of High Energy Physics in Palestine, which is ‎organized annually at the University. He noted that over 100 students and researchers ‎have been part of WISHEPP exchange over the past three years, and WISHEPP IV ‎resulted in the opening of the Center of Excellence in High Energy Physics; first of its ‎‎kind in Palestine.‎

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