On Thursday, Feb. 21, the department of physics at the faculty of sciences made a one hour Hangout live connection with the International center of theoretical physics in CERN which was completed successfully. This event was organized by Prof. Sami AL-Jaber, the Dean of faculty of sciences, and technically facilitated by Dr. Iyad Sadeddin, the chairman of physics department.  The event started at 6:00 PM on Thursday, Feb. 21 at the conference room in science building. From Thursday morning we started to setup the technical connections with the necessary instructions from CERN people. The connection was through Google +, which is a very powerful connection and we learned a good experience on this issue. This kind of video connection is free and we can use it in place of the traditional video conference which is costly.

There were about 25 high school students from Nablus participated in the Hangout with CERN. From faculties, beside myself, Dr. Iyad Saddedin, Dr. Khalid Ilaiwi from Physics, and Dr. Baker Adelhaq and Dr. Adnan Salman from IT. One hour before the connection, I met with the invited high school students along with two physics teachers from their school in the meeting room in the faculty of science. I talked to them about the university and the importance of physics in our life and the role of CERN in the advancement of physics and their effort in searching for new particles which may help in understanding the evolution of the universe. I must acknowledge the great effort of Dr. Iyad Saddedin for his hard work in the technical connections for the event. I also thank Mrs. Nisreen Hamadneh ( our  physics computer lab technician ) for her assistance. I also thank Dr. Kate Shaw for her help in participating in this event. On this occasion, the Dean of faculty of science thanks the university administration for the full support to make this event real.

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