An-Najah National University concluded the activities of the 5th Winter School of ‎High Energy Physics in Palestine (WISHEPP-V Special Edition) which was held via Zoom platform over the period ‎April 8-10, 2021 for the fifth time in a row.

The event was attended by Prof. Maher Natsheh, President of An-Najah University, Dr. Kherieh ‎Rassas, An-Najah’s Vice President for International and External Relations, Mr René Troccaz, General Consul of France in Jerusalem, Dr. Jean-Noël Baleo, Director of Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie in the Middle-East, Lebanon, Prof. Peter Jenni, Experimental Particle Physicist at CERN, and one of the "founding fathers" of the ATLAS experiment, Prof. Achille Stocchi, Director of Irène Joliot Curie Laboratory (IJC Lab), Paris-Saclay University, Prof. Annick Suzor-Weiner, Member of Advisory Board, Paris-Saclay University, Mr Sébastien Perrin, deputy director of the International & European affairs Head Office of Paris-Saclay University and Ms Chantal Escudié, from the International and European Relations Head Office, Paris-Saclay University, Dr. Ahmed Bassalat,chair of WISHEPP and members of advisory and organizing committee as well ‎as a number of partners, sponsors, international speakers, and around 150 students from various Palestinian and Arab universities from Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Morocco and Libya and other ‎prominent figures. ‎

Prof. Natsheh welcomed the participants, and paid tribute to everyone who contributed to the Winter School success in these extraordinary circumstances under the COVID-19 pandemic, especially Dr. Ahmed Bassalat, Chair of WISHEPP.

Prof. Natsheh emphasized the importance of this event as it is one of the distinct activities that is organized annually at the University. He also pointed out that the organizing committee of the winter school for this year had been expanded to include both the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.

Dr. Rassas added: '' Despite the unprecedented and extraordinary circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we at An- Najah national university, continue to strengthen international cooperation ‎with European partners and international research centres, enhance the quality of scientific research, develop students' skills and build their experiences that transcend boundaries.''

In turn, the General Consul of France in Jerusalem referred to the distinguished cooperation between Paris-Saclay University and An-Najah, and commended the efforts made by the organizing committees of the winter school and their contribution to achieve great accomplishments through this project most important of which is establishing the Center ‎for Excellence in High Energy Physics at An-Najah in 2019. He also pointed out that the French consulate also supported a new research project at An-Najah University in cooperation with SOLEIL."

Prof. Jenni referred to the vital role that this international events play in forming research groups capable of working and partnering with international researchers, stressing that the administration of ATLAS would be very happy to welcome An-Najah University as a key partner through this project.

Prof. Weiner, expressed her delight for participating in the opening ceremony of the 5th winter school, stressing the importance of the cooperation and partnership between Paris-Saclay University and An-Najah University, which in turn has always supported its staff to pursue their higher education abroad.

She also wished that the winter school project would result in further cooperation ‎in different areas of mutual interest. ‎Furthermore, she thanked An-Najah University's Administration for its support and said: " An-Najah University's Administration has always understood the potential of its young academics, the importance of attracting high school students to science as well as the importance of opening the University to entire classes during the WISHEPP schools."

In turn, Ms Escudié, on behalf of Mr. Sebastien Perrin, delivered a speech through which she talked about the 2018 IMC project which made An-Najah University UPSaclay's first partner in Palestine. She also talked about the achievements for the past 5 years of cooperation between An-Najah University and Paris-Saclay University through the IMC Erasmus+ project in 2018.

"Saclay is proud to be one of its partners as WHISHEPP is a model of quality pedagogical support, incorporating tutorials modelled on academic curricula and practical work." Ms Escudié said.

Dr. Baleo said that this event will open up new horizons for university students and researchers in different scientific fields. Also, he referred to the importance of this event as high energy physics intervene in different aspects of life.

Prof. Stocchi said: "The good results of the previous editions of the winter school pave the way for developing new projects and encourage us to think more about holding similar scientific activities to open up new horizons for other distinguished and interested students."

Dr. Bassalat talked about the achievements of the previous schools as well as success stories resulted from this project and thanked the organizers, sponsors and partners of this event.

The event covered several topics about medical physics, accelerator physics, and engineering and information technology. It included seminars and lectures delivered by well-known speakers in different areas of physics, medicine, and engineering as well as the most recent and Nobel prize-awarded discoveries.

It is worth mentioning that the University obtained funding that covered more than 100 scholarships for its students at Bachelor and Master levels over the past three years through the winter school.

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