The forum aims to bring together leading ‎academic scientists, researchers and ‎research scholars to exchange and share ‎their experiences and research results on all ‎aspects of Water Purification and ‎Wastewater Management. The Second ‎MEDRC Palestinian Water Research Alumni Forum will be related to inviting all postgraduates who ‎have completed their master studies at the ‎expense of MEDREC  to present their ‎research. An-Najah National University was ‎chosen again to host this forum. The ‎forum will be attended by scientists and ‎researchers from the Water Authority, the ‎MEDRC Foundation and other Palestinian ‎universities.‎

The forum aims at

  • Promote water awareness and encourage innovations to meet water challenges
  • The application of modern practices and methods of technology to serve water security
  • Water Education for Sustainable Development
  • Presenting achievements, extending acquaintance networks and identifying current trends in the field of water.
  • Expanding scientific research skills among graduate students assisting the development of scientific ‎research and publication. ‎
  • Taking advantage of the vast experience in academic and research fields and benefiting of knowledge ‎and modern technology in Palestine.‎
  • Emphasizing the role of Palestinian universities as a source of knowledge development and ‎highlighting their role in community service.‎
  • Encouraging creativity and excellence among graduate students through active participation in the ‎conference.‎
  • Promoting scientific researchers from Palestinian Universities to establish their own companies

The forum will invite lectures, oral and ‎poster presentations. The scientific ‎committee is ‎seeking ‎contribution of ‎research in the following areas:‎

  • Water pollution and aquaculture
  • Purification of drinking-water ‎supplies
  • Water pollution and environmental ‎engineering
  • Treatment, disposal and discharge ‎of wastewater
  • Wastewater treatment technologies
  • Methods of monitoring water ‎quality
  • Modelling and measuring of water ‎pollution
  • Water purification technologies
  • Ground water pollution control
  • Water resources and quality ‎assessment

Abstracts should be a summary of the presentation to be delivered and must not exceed one page ( ‎including title, author(s) and affiliations). ‎

Abstracts must be single spaced with a clear line between paragraphs. ‎

Tables, graphs, images and references must not be included. ‎

Layout Guidelines ‎

Title: The abstract title should be short, informative and contain the major key words. ‎

Authors:  Abstract titles should be followed by authors’ last name and first initial. Numbers must be ‎used to indicate the author’s institution- placed in brackets, followed by city and country (in this ‎order). You don’t need to include professional titles (e.g. Dr, Prof., etc). ‎

Abstract Body: (Times New Roman 12-point, single-spaced, maximum of 250 words).  A properly ‎submitted abstract text will include the following elements: ‎

Purpose or Aim ‎

Methods and Materials ‎

Results ‎

Conclusion ‎

Abstracts must be sent to [email protected]

The submitted abstracts will be published in a book and distributed at the forum . ‎

E-mail Submission:[email protected]

Abstract should be submitted by December 6, 2019.‎

The submitted abstracts will be accepted for publication after being reviewed.‎

Notifications of receipt sent by: December 7, 2019‎

Submitted poster abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts.‎

Please, follow the instructions for abstract submission and information.‎

Layout Guidelines ‎

  • Posters should be in English.‎
  • Poster boards will have size: 100 x 240 cm. Posters must NOT EXCEED that size.‎
  • Posters should be prepared in advance and should be brought and attached to the poster board by ‎the author at the beginning of the poster session.‎
  • Poster shall be organized in sections:‎
  • The title, names of the authors (with the name of the presenter underlined), institutions, city and ‎country.  ‎
  • Introduction, Poster body and Conclusions.‎
  • Tables, graphs, images and references may  be included Poster body
  • The recommended size for poster is 90 x 120 cm.‎
  • Materials to fix posters on boards will be provided at the desk located in the poster area. ‎
  • Main presenter or a member of the presenting team should be available next to his poster during ‎the assigned poster session. ‎
  • Your Poster number, time of presentation and location will be e-mailed to you ‎
  • Bellow you can find the poster template 

Forum Chairman

  • Dr. Maen Ishtaiwi

Forum Secretariat

  • Ms. Ghadeer Hanbali ,Email : g.hanbali@najah,edu

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Subhi samhan (PWA)‎
  • Dr. Brendan Smith (MEDRC)‎
  • Prof. Shehdeh Jodeh

Scientific Committees

  • Chairman: Prof.  Shehdeh Jodeh
  • Eng. Hazem Kittaneh
  • Dr. Sammer Shakshir
  • Dr. Subhi Samhan
  • Dr. Derar Smadi
  • Dr. Ibrahim Abu Shqair
  • Mrs.Ghadir Hanbali
  • Ms. Hiba Nassar

Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Maen Ishtaiwi (chairmain)‎
  • Eng. Brendan Smith (MEDRC)‎
  • Dr. Subhi Samhan
  • Eng. Hazem Kittaneh
  • Ms. Suhad Al Malki
  • Dr. Abdel Fattah Hasan
  • Dr. Nidal Zatar
  • Prof. Shehdeh Jodeh‎
  • Dr. Ibrahim Abu Shqair
  • Ms. Ghadir Hanbali
  • Mr. Omair Nabulsi
  • Mrs. Nisreen Hamadneh
  • Mr. Mohammed Morshed
  • Mr. Nafith Dweikat

Contact Details

  • Mrs. Ghadeer Hanbali
  • Dr. Ibrahim Abu Shqair
  • Prof.  Shehdeh Jodeh
  • Eng. Nisreen Hamadneh


The forum is sponsored by Middle East ‎Desalination Research Center (MEDRC).