Starts: March 31, 2019, noon

 Ends: April 1, 2019, 2 p.m.

Location: Turkey Bin Abdel-Aziz Theatre

As part of its plan to encourage scientific research and build relations with Arab and ‎international ‎research centres,‎

An-Najah National University cordially ‎invite you to ‎participate in the activities of the: ‎

‎2nd International Workshop on Synchrotron  Radiation and Applications:‎

SESAME at Palestine

The workshop aims at introducing the attendees to the Synchrotron applications, ‎SESAME, and ‎discussing its benefits as well ‎as forming specialized research groups ‎in related fields to offer benefits ‎to researchers in ‎particular and the Palestinian ‎universities. ‎


  • orienting researchers to what can be done at SESAME and synchrotron ‎facilities
  • ‎Encouraging graduate students to enroll in the related programmes as they ‎aim at ‎promoting ‎scientific research and expanding research cooperation between ‎An-Najah and ‎the Arab and ‎international universities.‎
  • ‎Forming specialized research groups to improve research methods and ‎linking those ‎groups ‎with international ones to do joint research.‎

Time and Place
The workshop will take place on Sunday and Monday, March 31st to April 1st, 2019 ‎at the Auditorium ‎of Prince Turki in the New Campus in Nablus, West Bank, ‎Palestine.‎

Partners and Organizers

  • ‎NNU
  • ‎LAL
  • ‎Paris Saclay

Workshop coordinator Dr. Ahmad Bassalat

 [email protected]

Workshop Registration

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