On the occasion of the Day of Palestinian National Environment, the Friends of Environment Association in the Faculty of Science at An-Najah National University, in cooperation with the Competency Development Unit, launched the activities of the Palestinian Environment Week.

This event comes to highlight environmental issues and celebrate diversity within the Palestinian environment, which deserves utmost effort to preserve and protect from all kinds of dangers, recognizing that Palestine contains many areas with magnificent natural environment and includes unique plants and animals. The event highlights the various violations and damages caused by individuals and also by the Israeli occupation.

A specialized presentation was conducted about snakes in Palestine, including ‎information about the types of snakes, their toxicity levels according to their ‎skin and shapes. The expert talked about first aid steps in case a person is bitten ‎by a snake, and prevention methods to avoid being bitten by snakes.‎

An exhibition of images of endangered birds was opened as part of the ‎activities of this environmental week. The photos were taked by Dr. Walid Al-‎Basha.‎

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