The department wishes to provide the most successful methods to teach and create Knowledge of the basic principles for theoretical and applied Physics. In this way, we hope to maintain a high standard of theoretical and practical education in physics, which will in due course benefit the local and national communities.


The Department of Physics is seeks to be a pioneer in the field of academic education and research.  We aim to benefit students and society by educating highly qualified graduates and building institutions. This will be achieved through the development of diverse teaching methods and giving students the oppourtunity to gain relevant and up-to-date experience in modern laboratories and specialised areas necessary to produce the scientific, technical, studies and applied research.


  • Maintain the quality of teaching with highly qualified teachers and modern facilities, to be able to fully develop the community  to the best of our ability.
  • Work to develop new specialties, which make to capacity in work areas and the multiplicity of public services.
  • Support the graduate program for master's and doctoral degrees.