As part of the activities of the Palestinian Day at Paris-Saclay which was held on July 1st, 2022 at Paris-Saclay University, and the seven years of strong collaboration between An-Najah National University and Paris Saclay University, a cooperation agreement was signed between An-Najah and the PERLE collaboration under the patronage of Her Excellency the Palestinian Ambassador in France, Mrs. Hala Abu Hasira.

The agreement will provide An-Najah students and researchers from the Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology with opportunities to engage in accelerator research and its various applications in the field of medical physics and nuclear physics.

PERLE collaboration is an international scientific cooperation between prestigious science laboratories from France, England, America, and Palestine represented by An-Najah National University. The goal of the PERLE Collaboration is to work towards the design and construction of PERLE based on an ERL (Energy Recovery LINAC) technology.

PERLE Collaboration aims to build an accelerator using energy recovery LINAC technology. It was signed by An-Najah National University, represented by Dr. Kherieh ‎Rassas, An-Najah's Vice President for International and External Relations, in the presence of Achille Stocchi, Director of IJCLab and Professor of Physics at the University of Paris Saclay, the coordinator of PERLE Accelerator, Dr. Walid Kaabi, Technical Coordinator of the PERLE, Prof. Raed Al-Koni, Dean of the Faculty of Science at An-Najah University, and Dr. Hadil Abualrob, PERLE Project Coordinator at An-Najah University.

The agreement features prominent and leading universities and accelerator laboratories along with An-Najah National University including the National Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics (IN2P3) of The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab), Cornell University in United States, the University of Liverpool, and Daresbury Laboratory in England.

It is worth mentioning that the strong collaboration between Paris Saclay University and An-Najah resulted in the Winter School in High Energy Physics in Palestine (WISHEPP) which has been organized annually since 2016 at An-Najah University. WISHEPP includes series of lectures, short seminars, specialized and hands-on sessions presented by several professors from Paris Saclay and other European institutions.

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