Students Huda Abedalrazeq  and Nisreen Amer from An-Najah's chemistry BSc programme have recently published a research paper by Molbank Journal in Sweden titled: “1,3-Bis[(E)-(3-bromobenzylidene)amino]propan-2-ol”.

The research is a result of the students' efforts in the research chemistry course, in which they worked 12 hours a week equaling 125 hours a semester, on the proposed topic under the supervision of Professors Ismail Warad and Mohammmed Al-Nuri from the Chemistry Department. The course aims at helping the students to do more research activities in the future and acquire new skills.

Schiff bases as azomethine compounds are well-known versatile molecules that have recently received great attention in different fields. Such compounds have been used as dyes and pigments, corrosion inhibitors, thermo-stable materials and catalysts and in medical applications as antifungal, anticancer and antibacterial agents.



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