An-Najah National University researchers have once again demonstrated their prominence, achieving top rankings both locally and in the Arab world, as per the Alper-Doger Scientific Index. This index, recognized as the sole university/institution ranking system analyzing the distribution of scientists based on percentiles (10%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%) and total scientists, positions An-Najah at the forefront of global research.

In this latest global classification, researchers from An-Najah National University have secured leading positions locally and across the Arab world, as highlighted by the Alper-Doger Scientific Index, an influential ranking system for researchers worldwide.

Dr. Ahmed Bassalat, Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics, notably claimed the thirteenth spot in the Arab world according to the Alper-Doger Scientific Index, securing the first position within Palestine.

At the Palestinian level, Prof. Ismail Warad achieved the sixth rank, followed by Professor Waleed Sweileh in seventh place, and Prof. Sa'ed Zyoud securing the ninth position. Additionally, Prof. Sameer Ikhdair ranked 13th, Dr. Samah Al-Jabi secured the 14th position, and Dr. Amira Shaheen claimed the 15th spot. Prof. Tamer Khatib, Prof. Ansam Sawalha, and Dr. Shehdeh Jodeh secured the 16th, 23rd, and 25th positions, respectively.

The credibility of this classification is underscored by its reliance on robust databases and intricate algorithms, encompassing researchers from various specializations. Its significance lies in being the sole global classification that emphasizes researcher continuity, evaluating them based on specified criteria and calculating citations over a six-year period. This includes the Scientists’ Productivity Index (i10 productivity), showcasing scientists' productivity in publishing high-value scientific articles, and the last six years' H-index, offering insights into researchers' ongoing contributions and the renewal of their research.

Prof. Abdel Nasser Zaid, President of the University, expressed appreciation for the researchers' persistent efforts and qualitative achievements, which contribute significantly to elevating the University's reputation and maintaining its standing at the forefront of Arab universities. An-Najah has consistently led among Palestinian universities since the inception of this classification.

It is noteworthy that this classification encompasses 436 researchers from An-Najah University and encompasses over 1,400,000 researchers and 22,600 universities across 218 countries.

  1. Dr. Ahmed Bassalat: 1st place

  2. Prof. Ismail Warad: 6th place

  3. Prof. Waleed Sweileh: 7th place

  4. Prof. Sa'ed Zyoud: 9th place

  5. Prof. Sameer Ikhdair: 13th place

  6. Dr. Samah Al-Jabi: 14th place

  7. Dr. Amira Shaheen: 15th place

  8. Prof. Tamer Khatib: 16th place

  9. Prof. Ansam Sawalha: 23rd place

  10. Dr. Shehdeh Jodeh: 25th place

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