An-Najah National University proudly announces its outstanding performance in scientific research, securing the top position for the highest number of published scientific papers in 2023, as documented by the renowned Scopus database. This achievement solidifies the university's commitment to advancing knowledge and places it at the forefront of global academic excellence.

Regarded as a pivotal standard for global academic progress, An-Najah National University has consistently demonstrated remarkable strides in scientific research. It stands as a key contributor to the field, serving as a gateway to cutting-edge research in Palestine. Notably, it is the largest Palestinian university in terms of facilities and research output. In a groundbreaking acknowledgment, 16 of our researchers have been distinguished, ranking within the top 2% of the world's scientists for 2023, according to the prestigious lists compiled by Elsevier in collaboration with Stanford University.

Our university's research prowess extends across diverse academic domains, including medicine and health sciences, natural sciences, engineering and information technology, social and educational sciences, among others. According to Scopus database rankings, fourteen of our researchers secured positions in the top ten for the most published papers in 2023.

The distinguished researchers who have also achieved recognition on Stanford's list of the top 2% worldwide include Prof. Sa'ed Zyoud, Prof. Ismail Warad, Prof. Nidal Jaradat, Dr. Samah Al-Jabi, and Dr. Mohammed Hawash. This remarkable achievement underscores their dedication to advancing knowledge on a global scale.

An-Najah University's scientific output for 2023 surpassed a significant milestone, with over 700 scientific research papers classified in the Scopus database. Notably, the Faculty of Science emerged as the leading contributor to research production, with four researchers Dr. Ahmed Bassalat, Prof Ismail Warad, Prof. Shehdeh Jodeh and Prof. Ahed Zyoud members of the faculty standing out for their exceptional contributions

The Faculty of Medicine also played a pivotal role, with six researchers earning recognition, five of whom hail from the Department of Pharmacy. Their notable progress compared to the previous year showcases a commitment to excellence. Additionally, the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences demonstrated remarkable scientific production, with three researchers deserving special acknowledgment and appreciation.

Professor Ismail Warad, the Dean of Scientific Research, expressed profound gratitude to the researchers, encouraging them to sustain their commitment to elevating the university's reputation on the global stage. He also extended thanks to An-Najah University administration for its unwavering support of scientific research.

President of the University, Professor Abdel Nasser Zaid, expressed pride in the researchers' excellence and thanked the entire university community for their persistent efforts in advancing An-Najah National University's standing. He emphasized that this remarkable progress reflects the university's dedication to continuous improvement, with a focus on realizing its humanitarian mission in developing health and education. Professor Zaid expressed optimism that the university will continue on this trajectory, achieving even greater progress in the future.



Researcher's Name

Number of Research Papers



Dr. Ahmed Bassalat


Faculty of Science/Physics


Prof. Ismail Warad


Faculty of Science/Chemistry


Prof. Sa'ed Zyoud


 Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences/Pharmacy


Dr. Fayez Mahameed


Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences


Prof. Nidal Jaradat



Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences/Pharmacy

Ms. Dana Bdeir


Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences


Dr. Mohammed Hawash


اFaculty of Medicine and Health Sciences/Pharmacy


Dr. Zaher Nazzal


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences/Community Medicine


Prof. Shehdeh Jodeh


 Faculty of Science/Chemistry

Prof. Bilal Hamamra


Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences

Mr. Amer Al-Koni


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences/Pharmacy


Prof. Ahed Zyoud


Faculty of Science/Chemistry


Dr. Samah W. Al-Jabi


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences/Pharmacy

Dr. Manal Badrasawi


Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine/Nutrition


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