An-Najah National University recently received the Ministry of ‎Education and Higher Education Accreditation for a new PhD ‎program in Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics, which id the first of its kind in the Palestinian universities. ‎

The program seeks to provide students with advanced and comprehensive information to enable them to integrate into the fields of academic and research work and hold management positions in different fields.

Due to the significance of applied genetic engineering in the medical, environmental, agricultural and industrial fields, the program aims to advance scientific understanding of emerging diseases and epidemics, increase community awareness of these issues, and advance scientific research in these areas.

The future graduates of the program will be able to become principal investigators in various research labs of public institutions and private companies in a variety of fields. They will also be able to occupy managerial positions in the relevant fields.

The program will prepare students for careers in different areas in biomedicine, pharmacy, and biotechnology, food industries, computer science with a focus on bioinformatics, health care delivery and in management of public and private spheres. Biotechnology students will learn through the program to apply the principles of biology, medicine and science, along with problem solving skills and critical thinking to a broad spectrum of problems in biotechnology and medicine.

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