The author of two chapters in a new book on nanoremediation published by Elsevier, titled "Nanoremediation, Modern Technologies for Treatment of Environmental Pollutants," is Dr. Ismail Badran, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at An-Najah National University.

The newly published book is a comprehensive reference that highlights established nano-remediation practices, discusses their rapidly emerging applications in industry, and points out future research directions. The book provides researchers and scientists in academia and industry with a high-tech start-up that will revolutionize modern remediation practices. It condenses all relevant information on nano-remediation and provides an amalgamation of the latest trends in the field. In addition, the book handles the design and modeling of nano-remediation processes and the trends and challenges that nano-remediation is facing in various sectors. Special attention is given to approaches that lead to green and sustainable industrial developments, as well as to the legal, economical and toxicity aspects of nano-remediation.

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