A group of postgraduate students from the Department of Chemistry at An-Najah National University recently participated in an international workshop at the University of Jordan titled "Modern Spectrum Technologies and their Applications in Chemical and Biological Sciences." The event was sponsored by COMSTECH, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation's Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation.

Over three days, 14 male and female doctoral and master's students from the University’s Department of Chemistry, along with the department head, Prof. Ahed Zyoud, joined researchers and scientists from Turkey, Pakistan, Kenya, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Germany, Greece, China, and the United States of America, as well as numerous Jordanian universities.

During the workshop, 10 distinguished scholars gave lectures and presented on a variety of topics related to modern spectrum technologies and their applications in chemical and biological sciences. An-Najah students also had the opportunity to meet with the General Coordinator of COMSTECH and Director of the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, Prof. Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary, who discussed the many research cooperation opportunities available to them, both with his organization and with Palestinian researchers.

In recognition of his efforts to provide An-Najah students with this opportunity, Prof. Choudhary, was honored with a shield presented by An-Najah University. The University looks forward to continuing to provide its students with opportunities to participate in international events and expand their knowledge and expertise.

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