An-Najah National University’s Professor Shehdeh Jodeh from the Chemistry Department, recently participated in the Fifth Water and Environment Conference held from 9-14 March, 2023 in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Professor Jodeh was invited as a keynote speaker in a scientific lecture titled "Nanofertilizers: A New Technical Method for Increasing Fertilizers (NPK) Used in Agriculture." In his lecture, he highlighted how this technology can save up to 60% of the amount of fertilizer given to plants in the normal way and increase production by 45%. The conference was attended by researchers and experts from various Moroccan and foreign universities, along with student researchers who presented their scientific research.

During the conference, Professor Jodeh had a productive meeting with Prof. Kamal Barakati, an agricultural expert from the Multidisciplinary Faculty of Nador (FPN) in the Kingdom of Morocco. Together, they discussed opportunities to establish joint research initiatives between the two universities, with a focus on applying high-tech solutions to fruit cultivation in Palestine. Specifically, they explored ways to facilitate the exchange of students, particularly those from the Faculty of Agriculture, to engage in collaborative research projects and gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies. The meeting laid the foundation for future collaborations and further strengthened the ties between An-Najah National University and FPN.

Professor Jodeh expressed his gratitude to the administration of An-Najah National University and the deanships of the Faculty of Science and Scientific Research for facilitating his participation in the conference.

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