An-Najah National University has established an impressive record of research activity.  Thanks to on-going collaborative relationships with local and international universities, both faculty and students of the University have presented their research findings at annual local, national, and international events.  These research findings have been published in peer-reviewed scientific and professional journals.

The University has been distinguished in research activities specialized in Material Science and Nanotechnology in terms of preparing nano metric-materials, diagnosis of the materials, and conducting case studies to use them in ecological fields such as polluted water technology and solar cells.

Prof. Dr. Hikmat Hilal and Dr. Ahed Zayoud played a key role in introducing these technologies to the University, and producing high quality research papers published in international journal with prestigious reputation and prominent impact factor, competing with research papers produced by universities and research centers in developed countries.

These research activities contributed to solving environmental issues as well as sustainable challenges facing the Palestinian society and other international issues in relation.

To learn more about these research studies, please visit the following links:

It is worth mentioning that the findings of these research studies are consistent with sustainable development goals (SDGs), particularly the goals related to the environmental pollution, industry, technology, and creating new job opportunities with the minimum resources. The Faculty of Science's Chemistry Department has contributed to promoting the university’s research activities by achieving a truly exceptional record of research productivity and demonstrating a record of continued extraordinary productivity. Besides, many faculty members in the department have reached world fame as winners of prestigious research awards over the past years.

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