An association of students from the department of biotechnology in the faculty of science, supervised by a head of the department Dr. Salwa Khalaf. It was founded on 4.6.2016 By a formal written agreement from the university.

Our Aims

  • Rising the scientific level of the student in our department by increase their acknowledgement in the fields of biotechnology science which have a rapid dynamic development and new discovers.
  • Creation of seminar’s, scientific challenges and aimed activities which are provided a Skills refinement and enhance personal talents .
  • Provided some practical scientific abilities for the student in fields related to their major which are a biotechnology by connection with the extracurricular scientific centers.
  • The entertainment side is in coordination of excursions, competitions and other extracurricular activities.

Our Vision

Biotechnology First, we work for increasing the student public acknowledgment and define to the community the vital means of the biotechnology science in many areas of life Health, agricultural, environmental and therapeutic fields.

Our Mission

Oriented to the right road and right choice for the student from the biotechnology fields to be fitted with them in the extracurricular work and completed the higher education to remain the BIOTECHNOLOGY FIRST.