Our Vision :

since mathematics is becoming one of the main sciences that many modern sciences are depending on it for instance computing, data science, Astronomy, and even more than that, so basically the idea of establishing a student association for mathematics came to be one of the main pillars for science that works on supporting and developing that science so that everyone can benefit from it for serving many other different fields and majors.

Our Mission:

Founding conviction among workers in different fields showing them that mathematics is a main tool to boost people's values in their work field and researches, the ideas and suggestions that our  association will offer in terms of scientific and practical aspects will  contribute to the development of mathematics locally and globally, and benefit from applying these knowledges in various scientific fields. 

Our Objectives:

•    Achieving distinguished goals in both practical and research fields to keep up with the scientific development.
•    Taking the educational reality of maths as one of the most important science branches
•    To build an aware generation with a logical math-loving mentality
•    To train students how to be leaders and entrepreneurs.
•    To connect the students with modern techniques and use in studying mathematics joyfully.

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