An overview of (SAPA)

The Student Association for Physics and Astronomy represents students who are interested in physics and astronomy. 
SAPA aims at developing the Palestinian students’ entrepreneurial thought and providing them an opportunity to be exposed to diverse international experiences and experiments in physics and astronomy at all scientific and educational levels. As part of the Physics Department, it aspires to raise awareness on astronomy among the Palestinian students in particular and the Palestinian community in general.
The association’s vision and mission is producing professional and qualified graduates by promoting the academic and intellectual upgrading of students and connecting them with the latest inventions and astronomical phenomena and the most advanced experimental techniques as well as enhancing social and pedagogical skills.

Vision and Mission:

SAPA aims at:

Producing pioneers and innovators capable of making a difference in their community as well as facing and dealing with obstacles and challenges.
Developing a deeper understanding of scientific principles that develop students’ analysis and research skills.
Raising awareness among students about volunteer work and community service.
Cultivating team spirit and training students to function as a whole in teamwork.

Terms and Conditions of Membership:

• To be a student of An-Najah National University.
•  To apply for membership at the beginning of each academic semester.
• To pay membership fees so that they do not exceed 20 NIS.
• Members are not allowed to receive non-academic disciplinary probation


1.    Asma Hajj Ali
2.    Ismail Wael 
3.    Intisar Mohammed Bakr
4.    Khaled Ahmed Mashaqi
5.    Zaid Samir
6.    Zainab Mohammed Bakr
7.    Shaima Awad Hussein
8.    Abeer Ayman Abdel Hadi
9.    Manar Ahmed 
10.    Najwa Nafez 
11.    Hadeel Hassan Odeh
12.    Hadeel Hassan Abu Al-Khair
13.    Hana Mohamed Bashir
14.    Wala Mohammed